Rev. Rul. 73-20, 1973-1 C.B. 133

Payments made directly or indi­rectly by a utility corporation to a non-profit research and develop­ment organization formed to de­velop a model that will benefit the utility field are deductible as re­search and experimental expendi­tures. Rev. Rul. 73-20 ********** 1 Also released as Technical Information Release 1220, dated December 15, 1912. ********** Advice has been requested […]

Rev. Rul. 73-275, 1973-1 C.B. 134

Development costs; specially-built manufacturing systems. The taxpayer’s costs to develop and de­sign a specially-built automated manufacturing system for a cus­tomer’s specific order at the tax­payer’s risk are deductible as re­search and experimental expendi­tures, even though each product design results in the production of only one machine system. Rev. Rul. 73-275 Advice has been requested concern­ing […]