United States v. Goertz, No. A-09-CA-179 LY (W.D. Tex. 2010)

ANDREW W. AUSTIN, District Judge. Before the Court are Plaintiff’s Expedited Motion for Leave to Exceed Depositions under Rule 30 (Clerk’s Docket No. 40); Defendants’ Motion to Compel Responses to Interrogatories (Clerk’s Docket No. 43); and Defendants’ Motion to Enter Protective Order (Clerk’s Docket No. 45). The District Court referred the above-motions to the undersigned […]

Bayer Corp. & Subs v. United States, Civil Action Nos. 08-693, 09-351 (W.D. PA 2010)

MEMORANDUM OPINION WILLIAM L. STANDISH, District Judge. These suits focus on the efforts of Plaintiffs Bayer Corporation, its subsidiaries, and Bayer-Onyx (collectively, “Bayer”) to recover some $50 million in federal income tax payments to which Plaintiffs argue they are entitled as qualified research tax credits under 26 U.S.C. ยง 41. Now pending before the Court […]